The Atlantis Deception on

I am proud to announce my first novel ‘The Atlantis Deception’ has undergone nine weeks of assessment and been accepted by the prestigious Crowdfunding publisher, Unbound.

If you enjoy my style of writing please pledge your support using the above link. There are a number of pledge levels ranging from £10 all the way to £1000. I am very excited to announce I am collaborating with Southampton based artist, John Howse. An incredibly talented artist credited with creating some truly amazing imagery. Inspired by the themes of the novel, John has agreed to take on the task of creating the Cover Art and additional canvases to be used to fulfil certain pledge levels. Please do check these out, John’s work is highly collectable and these limited edition prints and originals will not be around for long.

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To give a little context, please be aware this is nothing like a kickstarter campaign. Unbound are a publisher in their own right. The crowdfunded monies will all go into directly supporting the book; paying for copyediting, proofing, cover design, typesetting and marketing. To date, the Unbound community has pledged over £3 million to a variety of projects, ranging from an anthology on race and identity in contemporary Britain to a compilation of terrible old video games you’ve probably never heard of. They work with new authors such as myself all the way through to television personalities such as Andy Hamilton and Tony Hawks.

Over 113,247 people from every corner of the globe have supported an Unbound project and helped make that idea a reality. To date, Unbound have published 218 books that only exist thanks to the Unbound community. Many of these have been bestsellers and received critical acclaim, and I am proud to be given the opportunity to have my own work bolster that number.

If you haven’t heard of Unbound I suggest visiting their website. In my opinion this is the seed of change the publishing industry needs to wake it up and end their reliance on the so called super-authors such as King, Rowling and Brown.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can find the time to visit my page, maybe pledge your support and make my dream a reality.

Best Wishes, Mark.

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